Show refugees you believe in them this winter.

Refugees have lived through things that no one should ever have to experience.

Over half of the people we support are refugee children whose lives have been torn apart due to war, persecution and violence. 

With your support, we can reach more refugees who urgently need our services. Your donation could ignite hope by supporting the vital work that empowers thousands of refugee men, women and children across the UK. 

•    £25 could provide one therapy session to help a child manage their trauma and grief. 
•    £50 could help us lobby politicians and push the government to commit to resettling refugees for years to come, ensuring the UK remains a safe place for refugees.
•    £70 could help provide a refugee child with an interpreter for one hour so they can express themselves. 
•    £100 could support a refugee with employability skills such as CV writing and preparing for a job interview.
•    £200 could pay for a child to attend an overnight group trip to help them recover and boost their overall sense of belonging. 

  • Teresa S 25.03.2024 19:43