Refugees urgently need your support

Give to the Refugee Solidarity Fund today

£20 could help provide life saving advice to refugees at risk of homelessness

£50 could help provide critical support to vulnerable refugees from our specially trained therapists

As we all close our doors, it is crucial that we remember to reach out to and support the most vulnerable and isolated people in our society.

That’s why we are committed to providing vital services for refugees throughout this period of enormous change. 

For people who have already lost everything once before, and are deeply traumatised, anxiousor even suicidal – we have therapists ready to listen.

For people who have been newly granted refugee status but only have 28 days to find accommodation or be made homeless – we have advisors ready to guide and help them.

For people who are at their most vulnerable, at the mercy of the bureaucratic asylum process and living in temporary accommodation – we are championing their need for clarity and safety with the Home Office.

But we urgently need your help. And that’s why we have established the Refugee Solidarity Fund so we can continue these critical services in the challenging months ahead.

Will you give £20 today to our Refugee Solidarity Fund? In times like these it is easy to look inwards, but by giving today you can help support our wider society and make sure some of the most vulnerable people still have someone to turn to.

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