Refugees facing destitution need your support

Nobody chooses to be a refugee. It's not a happy time. But your donation can help someone like Ruba find food and a warm bed for the night. 

Receiving refugee status should be a moment of joy. But for many like Ruba, it brings new challenges. Ruba, a disability rights advocate and refugee from Sierra Leone, risked facing homelessness several times throughout his asylum application. The Refugee Council stepped in, providing vital support.

With your help, the Refugee Council can provide a lifeline for refugees like Ruba facing destitution and despair. We help provide food, clothes, and housing and legal support, empowering refugees to rebuild their lives.  

£5 could fund bus fares, enabling refugees facing loneliness to visit our drop-in centre

£10 could provide breakfast and a hot meal at our drop-in centre for refugees who are experiencing destitution. 

£30 could provide essentials like warm, dry clothing and food for a refugee facing destitution. 

£50 could help provide 10 refugees with hot meals and the chance to have a hot shower and wash their clothes at our drop-in centre.

£100 could help provide the tailored support that a refugee needs when rebuilding their lives including access to an interpreter to support with understanding their rights.  

£200 could help provide much-needed access to our counselling programme

Ruba's story is just one of many. Your generosity can make a difference. Will you join us in supporting refugees in their time of need?