Refugee children need someone to believe in them

Refugee children have lived through things that no one should ever have to experience. Many girls and boys have been caught up in wars not of their making, separated from their families at a time when they need them the most.

Right now, there are thousands of refugee children living in the UK whose journey to safety is far from over. 

The Refugee Council's Children's Services work to empower children to believe in themselves again, champion their rights and help them rebuild their lives.

This winter, by making a much-needed donation you could ignite hope by supporting the vital work that will empower refugee children to believe in themselves again. 


  • £10 could provide a child with a mobile phone so they can contact their support network. 
  • £25 could provide one therapy session to help a child manage their trauma and grief. 
  • £70 could help provide a child with an interpreter for one hour.  
  • £140 could provide a child with one week of support from an asylum advisor. 
  • £200 could pay for a child to attend an overnight group trip to help them recover and boosting their overall sense of belonging. 
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