Stop refugees being made homeless in this Covid-19 crisis

The Government is set to resume evictions of refugees housed in temporary accommodation. Hundreds of refugees now fear imminent homelessness, which is simply unacceptable.

What’s even more shocking is that the Government has postponed evictions for social and private tenants until August 23rd, yet refuses to do the same for refugees. 

Sign and support our call for urgent action.

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In this unprecedented crisis the Government must ensure safety for everyone with:

  • A consistent Government approach to housing and public health that ends discrimination against refugees
  • A realistic timetable for resuming of evictions to reduce anxiety and ensure refugees have time to find suitable, alternative accommodation
  • A clear commitment to mitigate the risk of homelessness for all required to leave their accommodation

Evictions are distressing for new refugees in normal times – when they are given refugee status in the UK they have just 28 days to find somewhere new to live. As a result they often become homeless and destitute.

Resuming evictions in this global pandemic puts refugees at increased risk of homelessness, of contracting Covid-19, and of transmitting the virus in the community. 

This is deeply concerning when reports have shown BAME individuals, which includes many refugees, are at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from the virus.

Support our call for urgent action today and demand safety for everyone during this crisis.