Stop people seeking asylum being ‘abandoned’ in the Covid-19 crisis

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, thousands of people seeking asylum have been housed in hotel accommodation as a stop-gap.

However, a year into the crisis, people seeking asylum are still stuck in these hotels with grossly inadequate support from the Government and feel completely abandoned.

People have been left without basic essentials like coats and shoes confining them inside and unable to leave their accommodation to attend essential appointments. Refugee children have also been unable to access education and home schooling.

And what’s worse is that without support to register with GPs, people seeking asylum risk being excluded from Covid-19 vaccine programme.  

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In this unprecedented crisis, the Government must ensure people seeking asylum housed in hotels are treated with humanity and dignity by:

  • Providing people with basic essentials like a winter coat and shoes so they can go outside.
  • Supporting families to register their children with schools, to stop children missing out on education.
  • Helping people to register with GPs so they can receive critical medical help and allow them to access the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Replacing phones confiscated by border officials, and providing mobile data so people can access critical support from GPs, lawyers and other services.

Having fled persecution, violence and war, people seeking asylum should find safety and compassion in the UK.

It is unacceptable that they are instead being forced into crisis, struggling to access basic essentials such as clothing, healthcare and education.

We must do better. Global Britain should be a beacon of compassion and humanity.

Support our call for urgent action today and demand more compassionate treatment for people seeking asylum in the UK.