Fight the Government’s callous Anti-Refugee Bill

The Government has launched a cold-hearted attack on refugee rights.

If passed into law, the Nationality and Borders Bill will have a devastating impact on the lives of men, women and children who desperately need protection.

The bill will discriminate against thousands of refugees, denying them vital help and support. The Government seeks to criminalise people seeking asylum, putting them at risk of imprisonment. The law will change, meaning people in need of kindness and compassion, will instead be sent to offshore processing centres at great risk to their wellbeing. 

Everybody deserves safety and dignity, especially those fleeing war, torture and persecution. You can help us stand up to the Government and call out these inhumane plans.  

Sign to support our urgent call for action 

You can take action.  Let the Government know the bill is unacceptable, cruel and should not be passed into law in its current form.

The Government is planning to: 

  • Discriminate against refugees based on how they arrived in the UK

The bill will introduce new laws that strip many refugees of rights such as family reunion, support and long-term settlement.

This could leave thousands of women and children unable to access family reunion, one of the few existing safe and official routes for refugees to reunite with their families.

People who have already been through so much will be made to live in limbo, having to repeatedly demonstrate they are still a refugee, unable to rebuild new lives, prevented from reuniting with loved ones.

  • Cruelly punish people seeking asylum and those that help them

The bill introduces a four-year prison sentence for people travelling to the UK irregularly to claim asylum. This draconian measure could cause irreparable harm.

It also introduces harsh and excessive criminalisation of people that help those seeking asylum. This would include those saving lives at sea.

  • Accommodate people seeking asylum in institutional centres

The changes would see people seeking asylum accommodated in reception centres instead of in our communities. The bill includes the possibility of using facilities located overseas.

Cutting people off from society and holding them in centres, potentially for years, could have a significant impact on people’s welfare, mental health and their ability to integrate in society.

If the Government is serious about saving lives, it must abandon these brutal, punitive measures and invest in creating more safe routes for refugees to get to the UK.

We need you to support our call for urgent action today and demand more compassionate treatment for people seeking asylum in the UK.

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